Convert your Zoom calls into awesome bite-sized videos

Stuck with a one hour long conversation recorded on Zoom?

Let FanVideo do its magic. We convert your raw recordings into short snackable content that boosts your engagement by 250%.

How We Do It?

Here's a 30-minute long recording on Zoom


We analyze the complete Zoom call recording. We then select the parts that are:

  • Emotionally appealing
  • Make a solid impact
  • Strike a human connection
  • Authentic and genuine
  • Humorous and relatable

Can Chatbots Replace Humans?

This is a burning topic. All customer care executives are wondering if a chatbot or AI-chat self-service initiative will snatch away their jobs. So we picked this topic and saw a 95% interest rate.


Artificial Intelligence: Art Or Science?

AI will not kill us nor destroy our markets. In fact, AI will enhance imagination, creativity, knowledge of the liberal arts, language and human behavior. We picked this topic and saw a 200% interest rate among viewers.


Hidden Secret Behind 10X Faster COVID Vaccines

In the quest for a COVID vaccine, AI has done more than ever. No wonder vaccines were rolled out at a 10X faster rate. We bet you didn't know about this and so we chose this topic. Results? A 150% interest rate!


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