Vivek Srivastava On How Amitabh Bachchan Liked HCAH's Viral Content

Vivek Srivastava

You earn trust, respect, and admiration when you bring solutions to problematic situations. It gets quadrupled when a noble cause is associated with it.

Vivek Srivastava, the co-founder, and CEO of HCAH India had a noble idea behind the foundation of a healthcare ecosystem that helps millions of people. With a degree in Civil engineering from IIT Delhi, Vivek Srivastava has climbed up the entrepreneurship ladder and made a commendable impact.

He shares some of his key strategies with FanVideo and tells us about the healthcare ecosystem.


The Idea Behind HCAH

HCAH focuses on solving one of the major problems in the healthcare sector - the mismatch between the number of beds and doctors to the number of patients. India has only one bed per 1000 people and only one doctor per 1000 people. It is not possible to increase the bed and doctor capacity to take care of the whole Indian population in the short term. So how should we create that environment? Each tertiary care bed takes a crore rupees per bed. It is an enormous amount of investment.

The idea was to solve all these issues with minimum investment. The underlying point of view was around home consideration since home beds cost nothing. So you will have the option to increase the bed limit.

Since we work with the doctors, we knew that each doctor who is taking care of a fifty-bed ICU, only gets a restricted limit in the emergency clinic. However, if we take care of all the necessary things in the community, the doctor is free to care for more people and completely utilize his skillset. We want to transform this idea into something bigger. 

The healthcare market is huge with immense requirements. We have seen these struggles during COVID, when hospitals were full. You need innovative ideas to deliver healthcare and delivering it outside of the hospital increases access and affordability, and you can deliver really great outcomes while improving the quality of life, which could be challenging in the hospital environment.

Vivek Srivastava

"It is important to make your business customer-centric. Focus on their satisfaction over other things."


Customer Trust Builds A Brand

"Trust does not come with massive advertising. It is the people and your customers who will talk about your product or service. In our case, the doctors who have premium services and the patients who avail of it will talk about HCAH."

"From very early days we institutionalized Net Promoter Scores in the company. We have been following Net Promoter Scores for the last nine years, which is the first time anyone was doing so in the healthcare industry. It is only now that other people have begun to follow Net Promoter Scores. The best part is the increase in these scores over the years."

Vivek Srivastava

"Whatever is the customer’s feedback, reacting to it immediately should be in the DNA of a company."


Phenomenal Power Video Testimonials

"As a company, we believe in collecting authentic testimonials and I feel that it is extremely important for growth. We ask our customers to post whatever they feel and if the feedback is bad then we fix the problem in the most proactive way possible. Video testimonials are a great way to scale. Also, if your brand has fewer touchpoints, then video testimonials help in building the connection."

"The best content is when someone speaks as then there is no doubt about their authenticity, especially if you hear and see someone who has gone through a journey that is similar to yours. Right content that touches the pain point is phenomenally impactful for anyone who sees it."

"We had a video that went viral, not because we promoted it, but because it was authentic. It was a video of two of our nurses taking care of an elderly man and he was sad because his grandson fell that day. The nurses put up his favourite song and started dancing and got it recorded by the son and then it just went viral. Even Amitabh Bachchan reacted to that."

"The power of video is phenomenal."


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