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FanVideo offers a range of seven-star services to meet your video needs. Select a specific video service that is relevant for your brand and leave everything else to us. Witness magic as we add sound, action and emotion to narrate your story.


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Influencer Videos

$500 per minute

Sponsored content from a YouTuber or Instagram star to promote a brand in his or her voice

Explainer Videos

$500 per minute

Short videos that illustrate complex ideas in engaging and meaningful ways in less than two minutes

Doodly Videos

$300 per minute

30- to 60-second doodly animation whiteboard videos to add an interesting dimension

High-Converting Video Ads

$500 per minute

Build a strong strategy, boost your conversions and get returns on ad spend without sacrificing creativity

2D Animation Videos

$500 per minute

Two-dimensional motion images to vividly express the essence of the brand in a user-friendly manner

3D Animation Videos

$1000 per minute

Three-dimensional moving images to explain your product or share your brand message uniquely

Customer Videos

$500 per minute

Create a consumer connection with video tools that helps brands improve customer retention scores

B2B Videos

$500 per minute

High-impact advertisements and product videos for your e-commerce business

Company Videos

$500 per minute

Glossy promotional videos designed to promote a brand, product or services with a genuine touch


Conceptualize, storyboard and create videos that add a human touch to your brand


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