3 Great Video Ideas For Facebook Group Admins To Get More Engagement


Are you a Facebook admin struggling to find engaging content for your group? Tired of seeing your engagement rates drop down?

Well, your problems end right here.

Videos have seen almost a 4X jump in engagement as compared to text and images. In a recent poll, 69% people said they’d prefer to watch a short video while only 18% said they'd rather read a story or post. Top marketers know authentic videos are crucial to get more reach. Sadly, many Facebook group admins are still quite clueless about innovative ways to create videos.

If you're one of them, FanVideo is here with three new ideas to help you create impeccable content.


What’s The Big Problem?


Facebook groups have been around for a decade. But keeping members engaged can be difficult. The Facebook algorithm is tough to crack. In fact, there is no single algorithm, but “multiple layers of machine learning models and rankings” built to predict which posts will be “most valuable and meaningful to an individual over the long term.”

Organic reach is steeply on the decline. The average reach for an organic Facebook post is down to 5.2%. In 2020, the average engagement rate for an organic Facebook post was 0.25%. Stats say that for groups with more than 100,000 members, it lowered down to 0.08%. 

Do you find yourself asking, “I know I need to share videos... but how do I create them?” Let's get straight to the solution.


How Can Facebook Admins Solve This?


FanVideo has a brilliant solution for you! First, stop thinking of ‘video marketing’ as a separate entity. Video needs to be a part of the very core of your community spirit.

Moving pictures, feelings and colours in one frame can tell a story more effectively than three pages of text could. On FanVideo, you can create unlimited videos in just a few minutes — that too, in different formats.

Here are three smart ideas to help you generate videos instantly and make your page stand out.


Start a one-on-one video chat session with your community


People understand the value of virtual meetings now more than ever. Video calls almost makes them feel they're in the same room — talking face-to-face — with another person.

On FanVideo, hop on a quick one-on-one video call with your community members. There is a teleprompter where you can add questions or pointers and read them LIVE from your screen. Ask your community members to join you on a video call, press the record button and voila... you'll get an instant video to share with your members.


Conduct interactive video surveys to know what your community loves


Remember one thing: it's not about what you upload. It's the strategy with which you upload and the intent of your content that matters. If you get your community engaged and excited by asking to share their opinions, they'll respond to you three times faster.

Create an interactive brief, add questions you’d like to ask, and send out your video request in seconds. Run multiple surveys and get feedback instantly on FanVideo. Get creative and share with your community.


Invite your community to record short videos directly on your website or app


If you have a website or an app of your own, embed a personalized recorder to constantly get new video content. It's simple: invite your community members on an incentivized system and ask them to share sweet messages or their favourite videos.

Get a collection of raw recordings, transform them into professional videos on FanVideo and publish a carousel on your website or directly share them on Facebook.


Step-by-step process to create engaging videos for Facebook


On FanVideo, it is incredibly simple to create videos and directly share on social media or even publish to your website or app!


Sign up on FanVideo using your business email address on your browser or mobile


Use the Video Call, Collector or Recorder and get recordings from your community members


Select the recordings you want and move them to library




Start creating super engaging videos on FanVideo now


The most engaged communities are the communities that share new content everyday!

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