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At, you can conduct meaningful interviews with a structured set of questions and answers. Get 4K quality videos without hiring a camera crew right from the comfort of your home.


Everything you need, in one place

Task management

Record in HD and 4K Resolutions

The biggest nightmare for any interviewer is to lose the recordings and having to do it all over again. On FanVideo, you can control what to record and get HD and 4K quality from the comfort of your home.


Panel For Questions & Answers

Ditch the note pad. On FanVideo, you get a seamless interview experience with a beautifully integrated teleprompter. Structure your interviews by planning a set of questions and adding answers.


Transcribe Videos Into Text Instantly

Ever spent hours transcribing a video? Now you don't need to listen and note down every word your interviewee said. FanVideo gives you an automatic transcription of videos almost instantly.


Get results faster


Engagement Time


New Users


Views Per Session


3 Benefits Of One-on-One Interviews


Start A Blog, Podcast Or Vlog

Interview celebrities, well-known personalities, thought leaders or common people who have stories they'd like to share. Conduct meetings across time zones and reschedule when you want.


In-Depth Research Or Surveys

Every brand needs to engage with potential clients and get a 360º view of every customer to fully understand their journey during their time with your company.


Feedback From Customers

Get honest reviews and feedback from your customers and share it in the form of video testimonials. Let your representatives personalize customer experience and resolve issues faster.


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