Make your survey testimonials more engaging via a self-recorded testimonial video. Recording real experiences through survey video stories adds authenticity to your hard work and helps reach out to a wide viewer base. Not only do such videos help increase trust in the market but also boost your brand presence through social media promotions.

Create genuine videos in a snap


Is a Survey Video Testimonial useful for your brand?

Videos are more likely to draw attention than texts or pictorial presentations. Show your company culture in highly credible videos and share it to future employees and customers.

Bring your team together and ask them about their experience. Genuine company culture video stories can help you reach millions of viewers.


Why FanVideo Survey Video Testimonials are perfect

Stories of your company can go a long way in promoting your brand. Pull together a quick video with FanVideo instead of using traditional editing tools.

FanVideo helps you connect with your team members through effortless video calls that can be recorded, edited and hosted on social media pages to promote goodwill.


How will a Survey Video Testimonial boost your business?

Video stories can snowball into endorsements for your company. Not only do engaging and high quality clips grab attention but also build global brand awareness.

With the right mix of branding, video strategy and editing tools that FanVideo offers, company culture video stories can help you grow your business manifold in a very short space of time.



Collect short, authentic videos from your customers, prospects, or research panels to validate new company or product ideas

  • Do you feel this new feature from our product can make a huge impact on your company?

  • What stands out to you about the new feature?

  • Did you face any issues while using the new feature in our product until now?

  • What is one thing about this feature that you haven't seen earlier?

  • What kind of things would you like to see in new offerings from our product?

  • How likely are you to recommend this feature to a friend or loved one?


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