Students deserve a nurturing learning environment. Stepping into a new school or college can be quite nerve-wracking and strenuous. Online reviews on websites, blogs, social media and advertising campaigns are more helpful than brochures to make the final decision during a student recruitment process. Student testimonial videos are therefore a powerful tool to bridge the gap and generate more trust among prospective students and parents.

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How will a Student Video Testimonial help your brand?

Good education can change a student's life. Choosing a school is perhaps the most important decision a parent takes. An endorsement video can help them take a swift call.

Unfortunately, student testimonials in text do not convey emotions and real experiences. Producing a powerful video can be a major game-changer for your business.


Why FanVideo Student Video Testimonials are perfect

Convincing parents that their money will be spent well at a school can be challenging. FanVideo helps you connect with students who rekindle their best memories on a video call.

Our brilliant features, simple editing tools and personalized experience makes a video feel like a face-to-face interaction. Use FanVideo Pro and convince your audience like never before.


How will a Student Video Testimonial boost your business?

Video testimonials can snowball into endorsements for your school or university. Not only do engaging and high quality clips grab attention but also build global brand awareness.

With the right mix of formulas and editing tools that FanVideo Pro offers, student experiences can help define your educational institution's strengths.



Get authentic student testimonials to effectively communicate what life at your school looks like and present it on your public social media pages

  • What are your thoughts about the institution's distinct courses and overall academics?

  • Is the institution popular across different parts of the world and does it have a unique exchange program?

  • Is athletics a major focus in the institution's curriculum?

  • What is the institution's history in the placement department?

  • Is there a good chance of getting selected by a reputed higher education institution after course completion?

  • What is your most cherished memory at the institution?


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