Sindhu Biswal On The Ranveer Singh Ad and How To Hook Viewers In 5 Seconds


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At 14, Sindhu Biswal dreamt of being an astronaut. Little did he know his mind would fly off into the the marketing sphere. Life took a turn and he became one of the founding members of a startup called Dogether at just 22!

After leaving Dogether to solve complex problems, he worked with PayTM Insider in 2018 and promoted some of the largest events in India. A year later, he tasted viral success at Pocket Aces accelerating the growth of Dice Media and Filter Copy. Only recently in 2021, he entered the matrimony space and is now leading Digital Marketing & Growth at

Sindhu is well-known in the startup community for his extensive knowledge on building brands, advertising, digital marketing and growth marketing. On The FanVideo Interview, we chat with him about the Ranveer Singh ad and top tricks to hook viewers in less than 5 seconds.


Videos Vs Images: How To Hook Viewers In 5 Seconds

Videos perform way better than images because the whole behaviour has shifted. The attention span is too less now. Everyone wants moving pictures instead of still pictures.

The main part is how do you hook someone inside a video? Retention matters a lot in terms of video. You can create a 5-minute content with 1000 viewers but that definition could only be 1000 viewers watching just for 10 seconds... which means your video is boring.

Or it could be 1000 people watching 95% of the video. Two things matter: one is viewership and the other is retention. You don't want people to drop off.


“Customer driven content is nothing but social proof. If your customers are speaking about their experience in a video, the trust score increases by a lot.”


How Gets 2X Conversions

At, the highest leverage is someone getting married and a couple saying, 'Hey, I met my soulmate at BetterHalf.' These videos perform way better than any other ad you can ever design.

First, if it is short, it will work better. Second, a customer holding a selfie format video and speaking versus the customer sitting on a sofa and there is a rear camera shooting, the first one performs way better even if the production quality is very bad.

My guess is simple that it looks simply more real. The second one looks a lot more scripted and forced. Any one saying, 'I found my true one sitting out there is a scripted shot.' Someone saying, 'I saw this guy and he looked nasty. But on the second date, my thoughts changed,' is a real shot.


“What has Ranveer Singh got to do with cryptos and bitcoins? But if you see from a branding lens, it works... Ranveer Singh is massy and appeals to people from all areas.”


The Ranveer Singh Ad And Why Influencer Marketing Can Fail

CoinDCX is a crypto trading platform. Recently, they shot an ad with Ranveer Singh. What has Ranveer Singh got to do with cryptos and bitcoins?

But if you see from a branding lens, they can’t take a geek. No one cares to see a geek in the ad. So what you do is… you take a known face to do some weird stuff and you promote the ad. Just because Ranveer Singh is massy, it resonates with people from any area.”

Let’s take a spin-off. if you take an Instagrammer who is a travel blogger and if you are running that video in sports matches, it doesn’t make any sense. The video will tank.


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