Real Estate Industry Uses Customer Videos To Get 2X Stronger Word-Of-Mouth


The only strategy that works is to be authentic. If you want to earn customer trust and build loyalty, you have to show that you hold the customer interest paramount most times at the cost of losing business.

Shajai Jacob

CEO - GCC (Middle East), ANAROCK Property Consultants


What Are The Big Challenges For Real Estate Industry?

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The real estate industry grapples with many issues right from limited land availability to outdated technologies. Here are the most common challenges in the digital era:

  • Low rental and occupancy rates
  • Building an online presence
  • Growing use of ibuyers
  • Retaining customers

The best way to overcome such hurdles is to meet the customer expectation of good user experience.


It takes 5X effort to acquire a lost customer than to acquire a new one. Organizations who try to get newer customers and forget about their current customers will never be able to sustain.

Shajai Jacob

CEO - GCC (Middle East), ANAROCK Property Consultants


How Real Estate Sector Can Find The Right Solution


If consumers like a product, they go and proliferate it themselves. Keep your pitch authentic. Talk about your target audience's problems and offer solutions your product can sort out. Ghost your weaknesses and highlight your strengths. 

Shajai Jacob

CEO - GCC (Middle East), ANAROCK Property Consultants


Key Outcomes That Will Blow Your Mind

The best strategy at Anarock to increase conversions is to keep their content genuine and authentic

At Anarock, customer driven videos help create a positive disposition in the mind space of customers

When the sales team at ApnaComplex narrates their pitch, customers recall video testimonials


Video testimonials create an impact on the mind space of the customer. That impact is called positive disposition. Collecting video testimonials is a big part of our marketing strategy especially in an industry where people like to be guided by others.

Shajai Jacob

CEO - GCC (Middle East), ANAROCK Property Consultants


Why FanVideo Is Right For The Real Estate Industry

A powerful story is essential to convey how a product or service can solve problems. It is even more important in the Real Estate Sector as the competition is stiff and customers need something solid to trust the outcome will be positive.

Good customer service does half the job. And for the other half, we are here. At FanVideo, you can collect or record real video testimonials to spread a stronger word-of-mouth and add social proof. Make consumers believe in the words of those who believe in your brand.


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