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Web based platform to create Customer Video testimonials and stories remotely over a LIVE Video call or Ansynchronous Video recording. 2) Simple video editor that automatically converts these stories into engaging Video ad content that can be shared on multiple platforms. 3) Tools and widgets to deliver these customer video stories in real-time, personalized for each visitor basis of their demographic, geographic information to boost conversions.



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Task management

Task Management

Polygon works great with tools in your existing workflow.


Meeting Scheduling

The best group collaboration software and messaging.


Virtual Meeting

Crisp, clear audio and video (including screen sharing).


Internal Notes

Pass information that helpful for the customer.


Data Visualization

Provide an accessible way to see patterns in data.


Integrated Chat

Allow you to ensure that everything continues to work.


Manage Mailing Lists

You can even manage your mailing lists the way you want.


Audio Conference

Enjoy uninterrupted audio conferencing with your team.


Automate Workflows

Simplify and automate even the most complex workflows.


Why you should get FanVideo

We areproving the impact of some exceptional customer experience

Polygon has helped us tremendously with communication. It has really helped with improving productivity and efficiency within our company.

Brian Arnold

Brian Arnold

Director of Growth Marketing at Airbnb

We love the way Polygon integrates with Google Calendar & Drive so that we don't have to run multiple calendars and document storages!


Erika Hawkinson

CEO & Co-Founder Mapbox

With Polygon our international group is now able to communicate in an organized and effective manner with employees in four different countries.


Brandon Anderson

CEO & Co-Founder GitLab


More customer stories from Twitter


As Director and Committee member of a local pre-school, I have piloted @polygon to improve committee collaboration and conversation. It's now been adopted as a tool of choice #Digital

Brandon Anderson

Tuning up business workflow is what I love doing so naturally I'm impressed with @polygon. A non-technical collaboration tool with pricing tiers suitable for a variety of team sizes & functions

Diana Hawkinson

It's been more than a year that we've been using @SlackHQ in our team, but we're moving to @polygon because it's simpler, more beautiful and supports RTL languages

Brian Arnold

We switched 1 year ago from @SlackHQ to @Polygon It was a great decision. Every time we had questions or suggestions the polygon team responded quickly

Andre William

Thank you @unstackhq for the excellent update on @Polygon. I'm impressed with the business process automation capabilities. MyPOV: That's what transforms a messaging app from "just chat" to getting work done

Aland Brownies

I love that @polygonchat has great community management. They listen to users and implement features

Lionel George

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