How Solar Power Industry Uses Different Strategies To Get Video Testimonials


A company should not think about the product or service it is trying to sell. It should think about what the market requires and what the customer needs.

Tusharjeet Bhardwaj

Founder, Saurya Urja Technology


What Are The Big Challenges For Solar Power Industry?

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The power and energy industry has undergone a major upheaval. With technology advancing at a fast pace, here are the most common challenges:

  • Customer engagement
  • Cost reduction
  • Regulation
  • Talent management

The best way to overcome such hurdles is to meet the customer expectations and provide a good user experience.


We focus on customer driven videos more than influencer or celebrity videos. Our videos cater to three things. Firstly, what a customer needs; secondly, what a customer is looking for; and thirdly, what benefits a customer will get out of the product or service. 

Tusharjeet Bhardwaj

Founder, Saurya Urja Technology


How The Solar Power Industry Can Find The Right Solution


FanVideo is a great platform where entrepreneurs like me are able to reach out to a mass audience. On this platform that FanVideo has created, we tell our target audience what exactly we cater to. I am really happy to be associated with FanVideo as it can help us build the customer trust we are aiming for.

Tusharjeet Bhardwaj

Founder, Saurya Urja Technology


Key Outcomes That Will Blow Your Mind

At Saurya Urja, authentic and customer-generated content brought faster results than scripted ones

Saurya Urja used video testimonials to convince potential customers using genuine feedback

At Saurya Urja, the marketing team focused on attention-grabbing videos and increased engagement


When a customer comes to us with a query or question mark, we try to turn the question mark into a full stop or exclamation mark and solve their problems.

Tusharjeet Bhardwaj

Founder, Saurya Urja Technology


How FanVideo Can Help The Solar Power Sector

A powerful story is essential to convey how a product or service can solve problems. It is even more important in the power and energy sector as majority of the people lack awareness and customers need genuine proof to trust the outcome will be positive.

Good video content does half the job. For the other half, we are here. At FanVideo, you can collect or record real video testimonials to spread a stronger word-of-mouth and add social proof. On FanVideo, make consumers believe in the words of those who believe in your brand.


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