The power of a community to influence health and wellbeing is far greater than any doctor or hospital. A video testimonials has the potential to help gain a patient's trust much before he steps into a nursing home. Online reviews on websites, blogs, social media and advertising campaigns are more helpful than brochures to make the final decision. Patient video testimonials, thus, are the right way to let customers experience what others already have experienced.

Create genuine videos in a snap

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Is a Patient Video Testimonial Videos useful for your brand?

Stories of conquering a health battle needs to be shared and celebrated. To develop trust, it is important to add a personal touch that lets potential patients know you care about them.

Boost your presence by seeking feedback from old patients. Producing a powerful video with real experiences can be a major game-changer for your business.

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Why FanVideo Patient Video Testimonials are perfect

When faced by a health scare, patients who have been through the same trauma can help you more than your friends and well-wishers.

FanVideo helps you connect with patients through effortless video calls that can be recorded, edited and hosted on your website to help them make a wise decision.

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How will a Patient Video Testimonial boost your business?

Share expert advice using highly credible video testimonials to attract potential patients and keep them informed.

With the right mix of branding, video strategy and editing tools that FanVideo offers, doctor testimonials can help take medical progress to a new level.



Collect highly credible patient testimonials to attract new patients to your medical practice

  • What is the one key moment from your experience you would like to share?

  • Do doctors and nurses provide personalized care for each patient?

  • Does this service provide healthcare at a better cost?

  • Do healthcare experts have extensive knowledge about the latest technology?

  • Could you describe one reason why you would return to our product or service?

  • Why would you recommend our product to a friend or loved one?


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