How Online Service Industry Maximizes Conversions Using Video Testimonials


Solving the customer's problems is the only way to gain trust. Dating has been a taboo in India. To solve that problem, we show success stories of couples who met on TrulyMadly and began their love story.

Snehil Khanor

Co-Founder & CEO,


Customer generated content is nothing but social proof. Social proof works way better when it's in the form of video. If I show a video of a customer speaking instead of an image, the trust score increases a lot.

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Sindhu Biswal

Digital Marketing & Growth,


What Are The Big Challenges For Online Services Industry?

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Running an online service business is far from easy. It has been statistically proven that over 85% companies fail. Here are the most common challenges:

  • Attracting the right customer
  • Generating targeted traffic
  • Capturing quality leads
  • Retaining customers

The best way to overcome such hurdles is to meet the customer expectation of good user experience.


At, the highest leverage is a couple getting married after meeting on the app and sharing their story online. That video will work way better than any advertisement we decide. What I have noticed is if a video is short, it works better. No one has the time to watch a two-minute testimonial. It looks scripted.

Sindhu Biswal

Digital Marketing & Growth,


How Online Service Brands Can Find The Right Solution


You have to grab attention in the first three seconds. The plus point of a video testimonial is that a customer who already knows about TrulyMadly can check out the services and it helps in retargeting audience. 

Snehil Khanor

Co-Founder and CEO,


Key Outcomes That Will Blow Your Mind

Short videos created by perform much better than scripted ads

At TrulyMadly, video testimonials get more conversions as retargeted ads found out that selfie camera videos performed better than HD clips


We have a branding program called Met On Better Half. We were surprised to find out people love sharing their stories online. Couples are very photogenic and love to talk on camera. We simply ask them to share bizarre stories about where they first met.

Sindhu Biswal

Digital Marketing & Growth,


Why FanVideo Is Right For The Online Service Industry

A powerful story is essential to convey how a product or service can solve problems. It is even more important in the Online Service Industry as the competition is stiff and customers need something solid to trust the outcome will be positive.

Good video content does half the job. And for the other half, we are here. At FanVideo, you can collect or record real video testimonials to spread a stronger word-of-mouth and add social proof. Make consumers believe in the words of those who believe in your brand.


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