VGotThis Marketing's Chief Coffee Maker Jackson Rajan Shares Hacks To Capture The Growing Market

Jackson Rajan

Jackson Rajan, Director and Chief Coffee Maker of VGotThis Marketing Pvt. Ltd. believes in tailor making brand experiences in accordance with the customers. He goes on to explain how it can only happen when you have actual market knowledge.

With more than 10 years of experience as the Marketing Manager with various top companies including William Grant and Sons India, Bacardi India, and (Times Internet), Jackson has mastered the art of Brand Management and Sales.

Learn what he loves about marketing and his thoughts on FanVideo.


Marketing Lessons Can Be Life-Changing

"Something significant I learned in the first 34 years of my life was that you can't make what the customers want. You can't choose in a meeting room by any stretch of the imagination just by thinking out of the blue; rather you need to have a pulse on the ground."

"It is important to understand the actual market, understand what marketing is and then figure out where your brand stands. I've had the chance to present a lot of new brands, especially for the more youthful crowd and I was able to do it better because I just kind of understood what it is that works on the ground rather than building castles in the air."

Jackson Rajan

"Bite-sized content has taken over the web by storm.


Content That Makes A Difference

"Bite-sized content has taken over the web by storm and it has also taken away the attention that the consumer has because there's just so much content thrown their way. We are also trying to understand and navigate this space. We are trying to package our content based on the experiences we've created and stuff that people would look at and would feel that they've missed out on."

Jackson Rajan

"It is important to understand the actual market, understand what marketing is and then figure out where your brand stands."


A Unique Approach To Collect Testimonials

There are two kinds of testimonials, one is from influencers and another from customers. Influencers can help you in many aspects as they have the expertise and we have experimented a lot with influencers.

Irrespective of whether you use influencers or ask your customers to give feedback or a customer provides direct feedback, it is very important as a consumer or a brand to be able to navigate between genuine feedback, and sponsored feedback which is generally paid for.

With the enormous amount of testimonial or review content out there, people should spend time reading or watching testimonials carefully before reaching a conclusion about any brand. 


Thoughts On FanVideo

"I think technology, especially FanVideo, definitely gives a great opportunity for brands to reach out to consumers. Video testimonials work wonders."

"If you have a product that people like, you can try and start within your known circuit. That is the easiest way to get video testimonials where you provide people in your circuit with samples and they, in turn, provide you with testimonials. When your consumers become influencers, they start talking about your brand and will help in building it."

"Brands have always struggled with video testimonials because people are sometimes not comfortable with them. But smaller steps like using FanVideo to help get Customer Testimonials with comfort and ease will help in making the bigger picture for your brand. "


Create Your Authentic Customer Video

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