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The FanVideo Publisher is designed to create a customized carousel and directly embed it on your web page




Log in to your FanVideo account and navigate down to the Video Call, Collector or Recorder


Select the recordings you want and move them to library


Scroll down and click on Library


Find all the recordings you've moved under the library


Create a folder and choose a name for it


Drag and drop the recordings to your desired folder



Under Settings, find multiple options to customize it as you wish



Control the Auto Play and Mute settings






Under Shape, you can change the thumbnails to either square or rectangle


Towards the bottom of the page, there is an option to customize a Call-To-Action on the carousel


Change or edit the CTA Text


Add a URL where you want to redirect the user on clicking the CTA


Change the CTA background colour


Not just that, you can also change the CTA text colour


Once all changes are done, save and copy the code. Embed it on your webpage in seconds!


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