Video Testimonials Get 4X More Conversions In Gaming Industry


A genuine video testimonial has the maximum impact in converting potential customers. Authenticity is one thing that our target audience really likes.

Bharat Bhatia

VP Marketing, Junglee Games


What Are The Big Challenges In The Gaming Industry?

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The gaming industry engages more and more players each day. But there are a number of factors that hamper growth in the gaming industry:

  • Market saturation
  • End-user experience
  • Development and production
  • Player acquisition and retention

The best way to overcome such hurdles is to meet the customer expectation of good user experience.


We convince our customers first. We go to their place, shoot testimonials, take permissions in written. Recently, we shot one in Ajmer and another one in Bhopal. The difficult part is to find a vendor in each of these spots who can collect testimonials.

Bharat Bhatia

VP Marketing, Junglee Games


How Brands Can Find The Right Solution


The pandemic has shown us that things can be done even without being in the same room. FanVideo is a good tool to get videos virtually and I am excited for it. 

Bharat Bhatia

VP Marketing, Junglee Games


Key Outcomes That Will Blow Your Mind

At Junglee Games, authentic and customer-generated content brought faster results than scripted ones

Junglee Games found it easier to get engagement with influencers who were also their customers

At Jungleee Games, the marketing team focused on attention-grabbing videos and increased engagement


Everyone has to be a content generator irrespective of the kind of relationship you've had with the customer till now. You also have to engage with the customer when the customer is passive.

Bharat Bhatia

VP Marketing, Junglee Games


Why FanVideo Is Right For The Gaming Industry

A powerful story is essential to convey how a product or service can solve problems. It is even more important in the Gaming Industry as the competition is stiff and customers need something solid to trust the outcome will be positive.

Good video content does half the job. And for the other half, we are here. At FanVideo, you can collect or record real video testimonials to spread a stronger word-of-mouth and add social proof. Make consumers believe in the words of those who believe in your brand.


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