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Pick an in-built template and use the super savvy FanVideo tools to schedule a LIVE video call with one-sided recording. We keep your customers happy with our simple videos!


Get personal on a video call and establish deep trust among valued prospects


Video Testimonials

Customer Testimonial Template

Customer Testimonials

Record videos of your happy customers to get more on board


Customer Award Testimonials

Customer Award Testimonials

Cheer up customers by organizing fun contests and giving them recognition

E-Commerce Testimonials

E-Commerce Testimonials

Help every single customer make quick decisions with online reviews

Thought Leader Testimonials

Thought Leader Testimonials

A thought leader can woo your viewers to become loyal customers


Influencer Testimonials

Take advantage of influencers’ soaring popularity and push your brand

Expert Testimonials

Expert Testimonials

Bring in experts to analyze your services and get into the spotlight


Teacher Testimonials

Teachers can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenge


Student Testimonials

Online reviews are extremely helpful during student recruitment process

two babies and woman sitting on sofa while holding baby and watching on tablet

Parent Testimonials

A genuine approval from a parent is quite likely to turn heads


Alumni Testimonials

A successful alumni association is solid proof of an institutions growth


Partner Testimonials

A partners positive feedback can instantly generate more faith

Sponsor Testimonials

A good word-of-mouth can escalate chances of a higher profit


Employee Testimonials

A happy employee is the most important asset for any company


woman wearing blue coat

Investor Testimonials

Seek help from your investors and record a kickass testimonial video

Employee Award Testimonials

Record employees’ triumphs in genuine award video testimonials


Doctor Testimonials

Getting a doctor's review can help gain a potential patient's trust


Patient Testimonials

Let potential patients experience what others already have experienced

woman in white knit sweater holding red pen

Dental Patient Testimonials

Seek help from patients who can guide you to painless tooth care

two women sitting on leather chairs in front of table

Donor Testimonials

If you want the world to care, show them the power of one donation


Beneficiary Testimonials

Support for a social cause comes through powerful stories of change

man and woman talking inside office

Non Profit Partner Testimonials

A genuine video can help get contributions from philanthropists


Event Speaker Testimonials

A speaker has the rare talent to connect with all kinds of audience


Event Attendee Testimonials

During an event, record a live video with people who love your ambience

Event Award Testimonials

Glorify your stars by giving them the stage to talk about their triumphs


Real Estate Testimonials

Instead of text reviews, recording real experiences adds authenticity


In-Store Purchase Testimonials

Recording a customer's video helps increase trust in the market

black samsung android smartphone displaying qr code

Online Purchase Testimonials

Did you know 90% customers read reviews before making a purchase?


B2B Testimonials

A video feedback for your business helps reach a wide viewer base


man in white button up shirt smiling

B2B Service Testimonials

Ask how your B2B customers felt after enabling your service in a video

B2B SaaS Testimonials

If your solutions helped scale a business, spread the word in a video


Service Testimonials

Good service can transform your customers into your sales team


Professional Skill Testimonials

Let customers share real thoughts about your service on a video call

Survey Testimonials

Make your surveys more engaging via a self-recorded testimonial video


Video Stories

Executive Videos

Executive stories are meant to give more clarity to the audience


Product Launch Videos

Recording a video increases clarity and generates interest

Company Culture Videos

The difference between a good and a great company and a great company lies in its company culture

man sitting on gray metal chair while using gray laptop computer

Employee Bio Videos

Give employees a platform to share a slice of their journey


Employee Welcome Videos

A warm welcome can go a long way to add a human touch to recruitments

Employee Onboarding Videos

Create an onboarding video for new hires to capture nuances of their role


Analyst Insight Videos

Use analysts’ wide reach and knowledge to push your brand


B2B Case Study Videos

Creating B2B case study video stories adds authenticity to your research

Blogger Insight Videos

Bloggers can help businesses grow with their genuine insights


Customer Success Videos

Keeping your consumers happy is the secret to success


man in blue and white plaid dress shirt and black pants sitting on couch using macbook

Sales Success Videos

Successful companies measure and share every small sales milestone

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial video stories are perfect to explain a new feature or skill

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