A happy employee is the most important asset for any company. Real victory comes to those organizations that pat their workers' backs and appreciate their big and small efforts. Through the power of word of mouth, employees can spread help get more customers onboard. Employee video testimonials, thus, are powerful tools to reach a wide consumer base and promote your core value system through marketing, social media and endorsements.

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Is an Employee Video Testimonial useful for your brand?

A good word by an employee can shift the way people see your brand. Employee testimonials are a remarkable way to tell consumers what a typical day looks like at your workplace.

Use a genuine employee video testimonial to boost your industry presence and add authenticity to your reputation in the marketplace.


Why FanVideo Employee Video Testimonials are perfect

An employee testimonial encourages more clients to partner with your company and also motivates talented individuals to work for your brand.

FanVideo helps you connect with employees through effortless video calls that can be recorded, edited and hosted on your website to help new candidates make a wise decision.


How will an Employee Video Testimonial boost your business?

Share employee success stories through highly credible video testimonials to attract new ventures and tell candidates what it is like working with your team.

With the right mix of branding, video strategy and editing tools that FanVideo offers, employee testimonials can help you grow your business manifold in a very short space of time.



Recognize your employees, humanize your brand and improve recruiting efforts by featuring employee testimonial videos on your website and social media

  • How did you find your way to your current role at the organization?

  • What are your thoughts about the company culture?

  • What do you love about your job the most?

  • Could you share a few details about the team you work with?

  • What stands out to you from the benefits at the company?

  • Are equal opportunities given to all employees and is there freedom to bounce off ideas?


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