Customer Testimonials

Authentic customer testimonial driven videos drive 3X higher CTRs and 2X higher engagement.

Having 10 or more reviews can increase clicks on Google by 69%. On FanVideo, record your customers on a video call in 4K quality and get automagically edited videos with custom template, brand colours, logos, fonts and music.


Delhi Public School

Helping DPS Warangal drive Paid Admissions to their school for Academic Year 2022.



Neutrogena® makes awesome skin care products for normal, dry or oily skin.



Almo is an Italian fashion brand that makes soft and breathable wearables.



An education tech company engaged their students to share feedback and drove higher ROI by deploying such content in performance marketing.

Thrive is a D2C brands in personal care. They asked us to create a Video ad from existing customer testimonial image along with stock photography and product imagery.


Classic Rummy

A real money gaming company got their players talk about why they like the gaming platform. Drove higher CTRs and reduced CAC through genuine content.



How, a D2C brand in personal care space engaged an influencer and customer for her feedback and created authentic customer driven video content.


Neeralaya Resorts

A beautiful property engaged their resident customers to create a credible video showcasing their property and services to help them attract more customers.

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