What type of Video Ads are most effective? 

by Winkslay Media

Customers' needs are constantly changing, especially with all the technological developments we are going through. Gone are the days when people were just glued to the TV, and to reach the target audience, companies would spend a lot of money to advertise their products on different channels. Typical advertising was pretty prominent among brands, but now digital advertising has undoubtedly taken place. Today whenever you are commuting, you will conclude that people are just immersed in whatever is happening on their screens.

A different device holds the attention now, which is the smartphone. Mobile phones give people access to different types of content, including videos. It means that now people have to shift their attention from written posts to video content. To capitalize on this, the brands need to combine sound with moving images and ensure that the brainchild will strike a chord with the customers globally. Video advertising has come a long way thanks to technological developments and superb online video recording tools like FanVideo.

Today every marketer has an option to advertise their clients as well as themselves using videos. But, if you are just a new kid on the block, then you must be aware of all the Video Ad formats that can be used. Videos are the number one way customers learn about brands.

Different types of video ads that are the most effective

Display ads

The main purpose of display ads is to catch the customer's attention while they are on the website or social media platform. Display ads will encourage the customers to take specific action by getting their attention. They are also known as banner video ads, and they feature designed images and video text. After clicking on the ad, visitors would be redirected to the corresponding landing. They can make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, or whatever the company chooses. Display ads are very different from text ads because they do not appear in the search results but only on the website. One of the best features of display ads is that they are up to the advertisers and it is all about retargeting. For example, when the user places the item in your cart and suddenly leaves the website without buying, then this is where the display ads will come into the picture and advertise that item to the consumer to get them and complete the purchase. It makes them one of the most prominent video ad formats among marketers.

In-stream video ads

Whether you believe it or not, almost all Internet users have been exposed to instream video ads. They would appear before, after, or during the content in the selected video player. These involve the pre-roll mid-role for the post role and placements to be specific in a specific video. The customers watch 72% of the instream online video advertisements until their end. It is safe to say it is one of the best video ad formats. Even though the figure has decreased daily to the ad blockers, marketers still perceive that instream is one of the most reliable systems for placing video ads in the specific video. Even though this system will interrupt the viewer's experience, it is effective for the brands. You can use someone’s successful video to reach the target audience. Furthermore, whether they like it or not, people would be exposed to the ad while watching their favorite film.

Linear video ads

The linear video ads address your standard TV commercials as they appear before, in the middle, or after the video. The noticeable feature is that they would take over the complete video player space. Advertisers term them linear because they run in sequence with the content that has been watched. They last around 15 to 30 seconds, and viewers watch this ad-type content quickly as they cannot Fast forward through it.

Nonlinear video ads

The nonlinear video ads are different from the linear video ads that pause the selected video, and the nonlinear counterpart runs simultaneously with it. Nonlinear ads will appear as interactive banners to avoid disrupting the video content. So, if the viewer looks forward to watching the ads, the video will pause immediately. Then 2 things can happen where the viewer would be redirected to the website of the brand, or the ad would be shown on the complete screen. What's more, the video ad will run for at least 5 or 15 seconds before collapsing in small size. Nonlinear ads will take around 20% of your screen, not forcing you to watch the ad before looking at the intended content.

Skippable and non-skippable ads

Instream videos can also be divided into categories, including skippable and non-skippable videos. These capable videos have a better reputation among the users because this ad type does not force them to watch the ad till the end. Additionally, they can skip the ad in just a matter of seconds. On the flip side, non-skippable ads will open the viewer's watch until completion. Consumers only have a chance to check the selected video content when they end up. These ads can be around 15-20 seconds long and get better engagement, but they also have a high view abandonment rate compared to other video formats.

Out stream video ads

The relative newcomer here is online advertising, also known as native video. The main characteristic of this ad format is that it will show up in the nonvideo environment. You can easily scroll through the social media feeds or read the article from your favorite outlet and you will see out-stream video ads. Even though it is now relatively out-stream it should not be ignored as it has amazing benefits. This system helps you run the ad practically whenever you want. If you are wondering, the system would be referred to as the out stream because the video ad would not be dependent on the online video content.

Reward video ads

Reward video ads are probably the user's favorite out of all the video ads mentioned above. It is mainly because they offer rewards in exchange. If you want more live games, then you have to watch a rewarded video ad, and your wish will be fulfilled. This is an app and leads to a win-win situation for everybody involved; it means the users and advertisers both are at a profit. In simple terms, users receive a reward while advertisers will increase the viability and click-through rates. But reward ad videos are not exclusive just to mobile games. You can also use them in entertainment apps.

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