7-Step Guide To Easily Get Customer Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are one of the best ways to spread a good word-of-mouth. Most people skim through at least 10 reviews before making a decision on a purchase. And videos can profoundly impact others’ decisions.

However, recording videos of your happy customers can be a mammoth task. From identifying the right users to convincing them, it is strenuous and time-taking. What if there was a simple way to do it all?

We have a 7-step guide that will help you navigate through the entire process in minutes and get hassle-free customer videos.

What is a video testimonial?

A video testimonial, in simple words, is a positive or negative feedback by a user recorded in the video format instead of a text or image. Most video testimonials show satisfied customers sharing their opinion about a product or telling viewers how it helped solve a certain problem.

With the advent of the digital world, video content has proven to be 1200% more successful than other content. Collecting customer testimonial videos have therefore become the most effective form of marketing. Such videos not only increase engagement but also help build a strong reputation in the marketplace.

How to collect a video testimonial?

Collecting video testimonials can be easy if broken into systematic steps. Here's a complete guide to help you with the entire process.

Do an in-depth market research

Pick the category or product for which you need testimonials. List the major benefits of getting authentic reviews and narrow down viewers whom it will directly impact. This will help you gauge the right platform where you need to share your testimonials.

Identify the repeat purchasing customers

Keep a tab of purchasers who have bought at least three times from you. Identify such customers and build a good rapport with them through constant offers.

Share a personalized invite to record a testimonial

Share a calendar invite and let them choose the time and date that suits them for the video recording or remote video call.

Offer a strong incentive that attracts customers

Depending on the pricing of your product, you must offer a strong incentive that drives customers to click on the call-to-action. Some examples could be high discounts, freebies or one-year free supply of the product. An insider access to new product features could be another form of incentive that can spark action.

Offer to interview your customers

Make your customers feel special. Tell them their words can make a difference. Offer to interview them and learn more about their challenges and experiences.

Give your customers a cool sales pitch

Make the collaboration fun. Explain why customers should partner in the customer video testimonial. Extrinsically motivate them through incentives and intrinsically motivate them through the benefits of featuring in a video.

Show customers how testimonials are genuinely valuable

Show, don't tell. When talking to customers, present a logical explanation and give them an idea of how beneficial testimonials can be to everyone. Let them feel they are a part of the greater good.

How to prepare a good questionnaire

List down all the important questions you can ask your customers before starting the meeting. You can also discuss the questions or pointers beforehand for more clarity.

On the FanVideo platform, you can pre-set the script and let them read answers from a teleprompter. Not only does it lend more clarity to the entire process but also smoothens the recordings.

Here are some questions you can choose from:

  • What was the problem that led you to this product or service?
  • What were your major challenges before buying the product or service? What made you take the final decision to buy?
  • How would you rate the buying process in terms of identifying the right product, service or delivery?
  • What were your first thoughts during unboxing?
  • How was your first use experience? Did you get the results as advertised or promised?
  • How did you feel about using the product or service in the initial few days?
  • How would you feel if the product or service was taken away? What benefits do you see on an on-going basis?
  • How would you define the quality of product or service?
  • In three words, summarize your experience?

How to make best use of the videos

Video content has multiple benefits and can be recycled into many forms. Transform answers to short video assets. Convert clips into video ads or use it for paid marketing.

Use videos for landing page placement, category page placement and product page placement.

Measure the impact through A/B testing. Compare it with existing content and take a look at the ability to scale through ads.

Start collecting powerful testimonials now

Videos have clearly taken over the internet by a storm. Polls say over 69% users prefer a short video over text to learn about a product or service. Moreover, 87% of video marketers say videos give them a good return on their investment.

Video testimonials have the potential to become your best video email marketing tactic. If you want to understand the process of collecting testimonials remotely or want to simplify your existing process, schedule a demo with FanVideo.

On FanVideo, you will find diverse features such as one-on-one video calls, remote video collector and embeddable video recorder. Try the free FanVideo 7-day trial and start collecting powerful testimonials right away.

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