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Flawless Video. Clear Audio. Super Fast Editing.

4K Recording

Local Recording up-to 4K Video Resolution

When your internet connection is poor during a call on any other platform, the recording will be choppy and pixelated. With FanVideo, your recordings will always be smooth and freeze-free, thanks to local recording for all participants.

Uncompressed Crystal Clear Audio

Uncompressed Crystal Clear Audio

Record locally uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio for every guest. You can feel the difference in sound quality. Separate audio tracks, video tracks, and transcriptions for each participant. In case the audio quality recorded is poor, our AI audio synthesizer, auto-enhances the audio to match with lossless audio quality.


Why Create Real People Driven Content?

It drove 650% higher engagement for an AI Enterprise client.

Customer Driven Content Engagement Rates 650% Higher

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the quality of the video recording?

    We record in 4K and HD quality depending on the device used by your customers. Our video interviewers guide the guests to ensure that the room is well lit, there are no major distracting objects or background lights that affect the visibility. Our teleprompter ensures that the customers look right into their camera and the video is aesthetically appealing. We ensure that your customer is closer to the mic to ensure audio quality is high and you get a video that's professional videographer quality.

  • How much time does it take to complete 1 video testimonial?

    The fastest customer testimonial video we have created till now is in 15 minutes straight. We sent a link to our own customer and asked them to do a video call and luckily they were available at that time. We asked them a couple of questions which took us 5 minutes. And our ML-based auto-magic video creator generated the Videos in the next 10 minutes.

  • How to get video testimonials from customers?

    To get video testimonials from customers, we recommend doing a 1 to 1 phone call or a message interaction and requesting them to do an interview with you. If they agree and give you a time, then schedule the video interview on FanVideo and we will send an invite with a link and you can start the call at the scheduled time. Keep your teleprompter Questions and answer hints pre-set. Keep the conversation candid and put your customers at ease. Ensure, the lighting, camera angle, and audio are good. And when they feel comfortable, just start asking the questions. And with the start-stop recording button record the part of the answers that you need. You can ask them to take multiple attempts in case the first attempt was not perfect.

  • Do I get automatic transcription and subtitles in the video?

    Yes! On FanVideo, you get automatic transcriptions along with every video recording. We then automagically edit your raw videos and those transcriptions are then added as subtitles. The best part is you can also edit the subtitles or correct errors after you record a video call.

  • Does the teleprompter support multiple languages?

    Absolutely. On FanVideo, the teleprompter supports a variety of languages. You can cut-paste or type in your local language. A gaming company used our platform to record player testimonials in a mix of languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi.

  • How can I share my videos after I record them on FanVideo?

    Once you have recorded a video, you have multiple ways to share it. If you want to share the raw recording, click on the share button below the video, copy the URL and send it. Not just that, you also get automagically edited videos which you can instantly share by sending them a link. It is that simple!

FanVideo for All

How to get started?

Interview Anyone

  • Give personalized attention to people that matter to you over a video call.
  • 1-on-1 or Multi-participant Video call with a seamless Question and Answer Panel.
  • Teleprompter to help and guide during recordings to avoid fumbles.

FanVideo Automagic Videos

Edit Automagically

  • Multi-lingual transcription — auto embedded in your videos.
  • Fully compliant with your brand guidelines — from logos to fonts and colours.
  • Available in all shapes and sizes suitable for most social media platforms.

Publish Video Caraousel

Publish Instantly

  • Host and manage your videos in a premium, ad-free space.
  • Arrange them in playlists or create a channel.
  • Fully customizable with auto-play, mute, diverse sizes, beautiful shapes and CTA buttons.


Top 6 Reasons Why You Need FanVideo Today

Task management

Scale content 10X faster than your competitors

With simple Video calls with customers and automatic video creation, TURBOCHARGE your content game today!


Unlock Meaningful Content

Nobody has the time to watch long interviews. FanVideo gives you the ability to pick the most emotionally charged content that converts.


Personalized Attention to Customers

Create a personalized brief for your customers, add questions you’d like to ask, let them read answers from the screen.


Build stronger trust

Get the right message to the right person at the right time. Amplify the voice of your customers to reach your target audience.

Drive Performance

Use customer video content in performance marketing in social channels and drive 3X to 6.5X higher engagement.


Collaborate to Succeed

Forget complex video editing software or 4 different tools and streamline your workflow on one platform.


Publish a set of videos on your website just like we did

It's easy — just copy the automatic embed code from FanVideo!


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